Carbon cutting workshops

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Abingdon Carbon Cutters hold ‘how to’ workshops on a range of topics from making a good compost heap, growing a lot of food in small spaces and reducing food waste, to cutting fuel bills, bike maintenance and installing solar panels. The workshops are designed to be participative, providing the opportunity for people to bring their own knowledge and experience to the table. Incorporating a coffee break with homemade cakes made using local ingredients provides an extra incentive for people to attend and also offers a useful networking opportunity, facilitating the building of community connections. The sessions usually start with inviting everyone to turn to the person sitting next to them to discuss why they have come and what they hope to get out of the workshop, and finish with talking in pairs about what they have learned. The workshops have proved very popular, sometimes attracting as many as 45 people, and they have found that a core group of people now regularly attend these events.