A range of meeting venues

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The Big Lemon has held public meetings in pubs, university campuses, a church, and actually on their community buses!  The Big Lemon’s meetings at university campuses proved a useful platform for engaging students and forming links with student clubs, societies and newspapers. On the other hand, their meeting in Ovingdean church didn’t attract many people below the age of forty.  They have found public meetings to be a very effective way of building community buy-in, as they provided a way to demonstrate to the community at large that they were serious about listening to people, involving them in decision-making and working with them to improve the service. Once they had built up a relationship with the community and had formed a network of supporters they focussed on trying to keep them!  They found that the best way to do this was to keep them informed - taking email addresses of people who came to meetings and adding them to their mailing list was a good place to start.

Source: Community-Led Transport Initiatives action pack