Responding to objectors

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Gamlingay Community Turbine took great care to respond to any opposition to their community turbine project. From their experience, they recommend that responses should always be polite and respectful, but also robust. Questions should be answered promptly, and a website to give information and receive questions is very useful. For example, one objector wrote a letter in the local paper incorrectly saying that a report by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors had shown house prices were significantly reduced by wind farms. Their response was to quote the report’s conclusion precisely word for word and put a link on their website encouraging people to check for themselves.  Similarly a poster was put up at a viewpoint saying the view would be spoiled. Their response was another poster adjacent to it with a picture of a thumb at arms length with the turbine drawn next to it to scale, once again letting people judge for themselves. The caption ‘thumbs up for the wind turbine’ hopefully helped lighten things up.