Setting targets

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Resilient Energy Great Dunkiln (REGD) is a joint venture between The Resilience Centre, a landowner and the community of St Briavels. Together they raised £1.4 million in five months to install a 500kW wind turbine in 2012 in the parish of St Briavels.

Various targets to measure the success of the project were determined  by a number of factors, namely an upfront independent energy generation report, ongoing monitoring, open book accounts (publically available), visitor numbers to site events, visitor numbers to the farm in between events, comments from local institutions and their keenness to support other similar projects in neighbouring parishes. 

Performance is measured on the successful delivery of projects funded by the community donations and level of support provided by the St Briavels community. REGD also measure the quality and value of the projects being proposed and how they meet future needs and increase the resilience of the community through reducing CO2 emissions, expanding community owned assets and additional self funded projects.

Published information is presented at annual District Council and Parish Council meetings. This information is used to demonstrate how monies are being spent and to encourage the community to think more strategically about its future needs.  REGD also publish twice yearly articles and blog posts in various magazines and newsletters to further engage the community. Many letters of support and thanks have been sent from St Briavels residents while many others volunteer their time to support this and other projects.