Targeting specific households

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Low Carbon West Oxford carried out active doorstep canvassing to target specific groups in their community, following the delivery of leaflets to every household. While they recognise that engaging high-income groups with the largest CO2 emissions, or people who are already ‘green’, could offer a relatively quick short-term route to cutting CO2, they seek to engage a mix of people of different tenures, ethnicities and ages in order to share the benefits from their projects more equally. They believe this will help to better mainstream low carbon living and make their projects more replicable and relevant in different contexts, maximising the potential for dissemination. After initial concerns that going door-to-door could be disturbing or imposing, the programme was a great success and they received very positive responses. Where they identified households that could be reluctant to sign up or get involved due to language barriers, shyness or lack of confidence they also offered help with translation, home visits, or to accompany them to meetings if they didn’t know other people.

Source: Low Carbon West Oxford and West Oxford Community Renewables (2010), Low Carbon Living: Power to make it possible