Wind turbine tours

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Resilient Energy Great Dunkiln (REGD) is a joint venture between The Resilience Centre, a landowner and the community of St Briavels. Together they raised £1.4 million in five months to install a 500kW wind turbine in 2012 in the parish of St Briavels.

REGD run multiple open days every year providing tours of inside the wind turbine for all ages, especially taking the time to engage with and inspire younger people. Other local groups with an energy focus take up stalls at the Annual Community Energy event in September where lots of handouts and small eco based gifts aim to engage young people. Gifts include badges, pens, literature for younger people and model wind turbines. REGD found a positive relationship with younger people to be very important as it was discovered that engaged young people pass on the enthusiasm to their families when returning home after events. 

REGD also have a strong working relationship with the Head of Geography at WyeDean Secondary School who has included the community energy project as part of the GCSE/A Level curriculum on Sustainability. Every July GCSE students come out to the site to undertake an assignment looking at an Environmental Impact Assessment of energy comparing renewables with fossil fuels. More than 200 children visit the site every year over 2 days and the REGD team is on hand to answer questions as they complete their assignment. Teachers have found their students to be more engaged when they are required to think about the pros and cons of fossil fuel vs. renewables when in the immediate presence of a large wind turbine.