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A range of community connections

Low Carbon West Oxford’s community connections gave them a head start when it came to engaging local people. One member of the core group had... more

Community connections UK

Community group connections

Community Energy Birmingham is an Industrial and Provident Society which aims to reduce Birmingham’s carbon footprint by enabling community... more

Community connections UK

Local authority connections

Southend in Transition has a group member who works for the local authority and therefore personally knows relevant movers and shakers within the... more

Community connections UK

Survey to aid project planning

Low Carbon Oxford North carried out a travel survey to help with the planning of their E-Car Club. They sought to understand members’ travel... more

Community consultation UK

Participation in decision making

Carbon Co-op is a community benefit society, and as a result they are accountable to their subscribing members and involving them in decision... more

Community consultation UK

Decision making competition

Westmill Wind Farm Co-operative ran a competition for local primary school children to decide the name for their community-owned wind turbine.... more

Community consultation UK

Decision making group exercise

Stroudco Food Hub use public meetings to involve people in decisions relating to their project. One exercise they use starts by briefly... more

Community consultation UK

Socialising and group support

Southend in Transition start their weekly meetings with everyone feeding back on how their weeks have been. This helps the group to provide... more

Core group meetings activities UK

Video call meetings

Southend in Transition hold weekly video call meetings using Google Hangouts to allow group members to feedback on progress and to plan future... more

Core group meetings format UK