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When and who to engage

Gamlingay Community Turbine found that it was absolutely vital that public consultation started well ahead of the planning application for their... more

Feasibility and planning UK

Tapping into local concerns

Frack Free Upton ran a film screening of Gasland 2, following an energy company gaining planning permission to test for coal bed methane at a... more

Film screenings UK

Small group discussions

Henley in Transition tried to maximise interactions and understanding of the key messages during their screening of An Inconvenient Truth by... more

Film screenings UK

Talking in pairs

Transition Town Totnes start their film screenings by inviting those attending to introduce themselves to the person sitting next to them and to... more

Film screenings UK

Choosing a prominent site

The football club of Wolfaartsdijk, a village in the province of Zeeland, developed a master plan to make the club energy self-sufficient and... more

Finding a site Netherlands

Negotiating a site

Energy Alton chose to install solar PV on their local town library. This involved 12 months of negotiation with Hampshire County Council, Yes... more

Finding a site UK

Attracting potential landlords

Brighton Energy Co-operative found attracting potential landlords the hardest part of delivering their community-owned solar PV project. To find... more

Finding a site UK

Targeting a range of sites

Low Carbon West Oxford has installed solar PV projects on a range of buildings in order to spread the benefit across the community and to develop... more

Finding a site UK

Micro-financing 'soups'

Southend Soup is a community micro-finance project based on an initiative founded by Detroit Soup in the US. Every few months they invite people... more

Food and drink UK