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Holding a picnic

Low Carbon Oxford North organised a low carbon picnic by the River Thames. The group provided English sparkling wine and local apple juice, and... more

Food and drink UK

Fundraising walk

Hampshire Energy’s fundraising walk offered the opportunity to meet people involved with the project whilst raising money for the cooperative. A... more

Fundraising events and activities UK

Fundraising activities

Stroud Community Agriculture carry out informal fundraising activities as and when they need to raise money at different stages of their project... more

Fundraising events and activities UK

Grant funding for a loan scheme

Loenen Energie Neutraal (Loenen Energy Neutral) helps civilians to make energy saving adjustments by providing loans to support investments by... more

Grants and subsidies Netherlands

Funding from a citizen investment fund

A major source of funding for Plaine Sud Energies’ solar panel project came from the citizen investment fund for renewable energy of Energie... more

Grants and subsidies France

Changing subsidy rates

Brighton Energy Co-operative were forced to revise their funding model just three days before they were due to launch their first share offer,... more

Grants and subsidies UK

Grant funding to recruit members

Stroud Community Agriculture needed more members to ensure they remained viable after increasing the land area of their community supported... more

Grants and subsidies UK

Online tools

Southend in Transition use a range of online tools to facilitate the work of their core group. They hold weekly video call meetings using Google... more

Information sharing UK

Launching at a public meeting

Stroud Community Agriculture put up big blank posters at their first public meeting with headings asking questions such as “What would you want... more

Launching a project UK