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Organising a village fete

Sustainable Kirtlington held a Footprint Fair to raise money to install energy efficiency measures in the village hall. The event involved a dog... more

Parties and festivals UK

Energy festival

Loenen Energie Neutraal (Loenen Energy Neutral) organised an energy festival in order to inspire the community of the village of Loenen, with a... more

Parties and festivals Netherlands

Running a project in partnership

Iona and District Resident's Association (IDRA) partnered with Codema, Dublin’s energy agency, to deliver an energy smart community project in... more

Partnership working Ireland

Working with local authorities

Energy Alton have worked in partnership with local authorities to deliver an insulation scheme and a community renewable energy initiative. In... more

Partnership working UK

A range of partnerships

Carbon Co-op’s activities are fairly narrow and targeted, specifically around energy efficiency and whole house retrofit, and as a consequence... more

Partnership working UK

Working with schools

Plaine Sud Energies’ project was to install solar panels on the roofs of schools. Being a collective project, it aimed to take into account all... more

Partnership working France

Running an event in partnership

Brighton and Hove Energy Services Co-operative (BHESCo) ran a Pop Up Energy Shop in September 2014, working in partnership with National Energy... more

Partnership working UK

Procurement policy

The Big Lemon has a clear procurement policy which defines what the parameters are for purchasing supplies to run its community bus service.  In... more

Policies and strategies UK

Election policy

Bath and West Community Energy have an Election Policy which governs the election process for their directors. The document sets out election... more

Policies and strategies UK