Celebrating progress

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A group of enthusiastic staff members of Dublin City Council and Codema came together to run the “Think Energy” awareness campaign to help all staff in the Council understand what role they can play in reducing the overall energy demand of the building. To celebrate the progress of this campaign, the Think Energy Ambassadors planned a two day event in the Council’s canteen. A date was set for June 2014 to coincide with the EU Sustainable Energy Week to ensure maximum exposure. The Energy Ambassadors developed an event schedule, covering all aspects of sustainability including water, lighting and heating. Energy experts were invited along to provide information on the different areas. Additionally, an energy game on a touch screen was to provide entertainment together with the bicycle challenge which involved staff cycling to generate a watt in exchange for a free coffee. The Think Energy Ambassadors also worked closely with the facility managers of the building, ensuring access to the solar panels on the roof for a hands-on tour as well as a test drive in an electric car. Event participants could also win a waterbutt by guessing the amount of water the container would be able to fit. The waterbutt was sponsored by the Corporate Services department of Dublin City Council. The kid’s of the local crèche were also invited along to colour in the Think Energy logo. The event was video recorded and photos were distributed via local networks.