Communicating practical information

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Iona and District Resident’s Association (IDRA) helped Dublin’s energy agency Codema to deliver an Energy Smart Community project in the Glasnevin/Drumcondra area of Dublin. Between 2009-2010, a very successful pilot Energy Smart Community was ran which allowed homeowners to join together with their local community to improve the energy efficiency of their homes, while availing of energy-saving grants from the Irish government. The principle behind this project was to bring homeowners together in a ‘cluster’ to help them save money on their overall energy bills while taking advantage of the environmental and social benefits for the community. In forming this pilot cluster, partnerships were formed with the local credit union, the local Bank of Ireland branch and the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI). IDRA was very proactive in spreading the news about the scheme and helped to arrange for key partners to present at a public meeting to inform local residents of how they could benefit from the scheme. At the local meetings, SEAI provided information on government grants available for retrofitting and the local bank and credit union talked about payment options to finance these works.