Focus group

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Stroudco Food Hub collaborated with researchers from Cardiff University to run a focus group at a local school to gain an understanding of local food shopping habits. They asked a group of local mums to explore their food-buying habits using a mapping game and discussed with them the pros and cons of local food. They then explained their Food Hub initiative and its aims, and invited recommendations about how they could make their offer most appealing. Suggestions included being able to buy fruit and veg frequently and in small quantities, with more affordable options and special offers. It was suggested that the Food Hub should focus on cheap items (e.g.  potatoes and carrots), staple items (e.g. milk, bread, butter, cheese and eggs) and popular meat products (e.g. chicken and beef mince). The discussions also led to options being explored for more flexible arrangements for picking up produce, such as through liaising with the local family centre and schools to set up pick up points.