Grant funding for a loan scheme

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Loenen Energie Neutraal (Loenen Energy Neutral) helps civilians to make energy saving adjustments by providing loans to support investments by householders. The loans are funded by a grant from the local municipality and the European Regional Development Fund through the INTERREG IVB programme. The village won the funding through the Dutch “Energetic Villages” competition, which required them to demonstrate a plan for how the village would use the funding to invest in renewable energy with the aim of becoming energy neutral. Part of their plan involves bulk purchasing of solar panels and insulation materials to reduce the costs of investment for the community. 55% of the price of purchase must be paid at the start of the project by the civilian, and 40% of this amount must be paid back over the years to Loenen Energy Neutral, allowing further loans to be made to other members of the community. Reducing the upfront costs required makes it easier for the community to invest in energy saving measures. Read more about Loenen Energie Neutraal here.