About Us

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This website has been developed by the National Energy Foundation (NEF) as part of the Academy of Champions for Energy (Ace) project. Ace is a sustainable energy initiative running in England, Ireland, France, Belgium and the Netherlands, funded by the INTERREG IVB NWE programme. Its aim is to share and disseminate information in order to support and encourage an increased uptake of renewable energy and energy efficiency measures.

Ace focuses on using resources already available within our communities to build sustainable futures. This means citizens working together to find collaborative solutions which integrate energy transition into our everyday lives. Citizen engagement and community-led action are therefore central to this vision, and this tool aims to provide practical suggestions and detailed examples to help individuals and communities to build projects from the bottom up for the benefits of everyone.

For more information about NEF, visit www.nef.org.uk or follow @TheNEF on Twitter.

For more information about Ace, visit www.aceforenergy.eu or follow @AceForEnergy on Twitter.