Action Packs

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The action packs below have been developed by the National Energy Foundation as part of the Academy of Champions for Energy (Ace) project. Each pack has been written and reviewed by community activists with first-hand knowledge of what it takes to set up social enterprises to address the challenges of peak oil and climate change. Inside you will find practical suggestions and inspiration for setting up your own community initiative, helping those who are ready to take action to do just that.

Blueprint: The Loenen Way for Energy Transition

Ace has also invested in a number of demonstration sites to enable shared learning and to provide best practice examples of projects that can be replicated across Europe. These include the village of Loenen in the Netherlands, which was awarded funding to invest in renewable energy in order to work towards becoming an energy-neutral village. A blueprint has been developed to share how Loenen's plan was transformed into a successful project and can be downloaded by clicking here.