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Citizen engagement can be much more than simply a fun, rewarding and constructive process in itself. It can be what makes or breaks a community project. Whether it is buying shares, giving up free time to volunteer or supporting a planning application, buy-in from citizens is key to success. However, understanding the importance of citizen engagement in principle is the easy bit; knowing what to do in practice can be more difficult.

This website is designed to help individuals and community groups build in community engagement as they initiate, plan and deliver projects with sustainable use of energy and resources at their heart. It does this by providing detailed ideas, tips and case study examples for building the role of citizens into projects every step of the way.

Ideas for different activities and outlets have been categorised by the types of engagement set out in the main menu. This allows suggestions which can be relevant at a wide range of different stages of a project to be explored by category from the homepage. As many ideas overlap and can contribute to meeting a shared objective, references can be found to different sections throughout the website to join up the dots and make sure other relevant and related material is not missed. Ideas can also be found by searching for a keyword in the search box at the top of the page, browsing the list of case studies and exploring the action packs on Community-Led Wind Power, Hydro, Transport Initiatives, Community Loan Funds, Photovoltaic Initiatives, Anaerobic Digestion, Reuse of Resources and Food Initiatives.

There is no right or wrong way to go about engaging citizens – different ideas and suggestions will apply more to some groups and projects than others and at different stages. We hope you find this resource useful and wish you every success with your project!